Bayareq Al Khaleej



Premium cream with a refined and intense taste of gianduja, in a balanced mix of cocoa and roasted hazelnut, slightly sweet in the finish. Tender texture, glossy appearance. Excellent as a filling, topping, glazing of baked cakes and sponge cakes in general, to use as it is or with the addition of chocolate or cocoa butter to enhance the structure, wven with the addition of inclusions. Perfect as a proposal in jars, as it is or customized. In pastry, suitable for flavouring creams, filling baked cakes and sponge cakes. It can be used in the oven, with the attention of covering it. Excellent for glazing small pastries and profiterole: in a positive display it maintains its brilliance. In ice cream, it can be used for marblings and sauces, both pure and with inclusions, suitable for fast and soft ice cream recipes. It contains 7% of lactic matter.

Packing Size : 6 kg

Characteristics : Halal ,Kosher ,Gluten Free


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Weight 1,6 kg
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