Bayareq Al Khaleej



Cream charactereised by a high percentage of hazelnuts. This confers a very delicate taste of pralined hazelnuts and an extreme cleanliness on the palate. Clear brown colour. Excellent heat resistance. May be whipped in a mixer for a softer structure. May be used pure as filling or with extra chocolate to add higher structure. Excellent with the addition of inclusions. May be used as a topping, a filling for pralines, in cremini, and for glazing of small pastries. It works well when combined with other flavourings and characteristic oily pastes. May also be used in mixtures for oven-based preparations and as variegations. Contains 3% lactic matter.

Packing Size : 6 kg

Characteristics : Halal ,Kosher ,Gluten Free


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Weight 1,6 kg
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